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Monday, December 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014 :)

What a year.
I dont even know how to begin this post...

Lets just say that if you could humanize a year... I would have hunted it down, cornered it, stabbed it with a butchers knife over 100 times and dragged it out to the salt flats to bury it where no one would ever find it again. I'm not bitter at all ;)

Luckily this year is coming to an end and the new year brings new opportunities. How exciting is that? Its funny how a dedicated time of the year can make us all feel like we are starting fresh but in reality... any day could be new years... any day could be the day you begin a change and demand a fresh start. We all have the capacity to change our lives, situations, and or mindsets at any point in time... yet we have a special day for this! Haha! Oh well... I shamelessly am a big fan of new years and the idea of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another. So here is to saying goodbye to 2013 and saying hello to 2014.

What SUCKED about 2013- The Highlights

1. My brother went away to Tijuana for his mission. Granted, thats a wonderful thing... but it left me all alone in my house.
2. Grandparents moved in for a time due to health problem. Do I love my grandparents? YES! Do i love them living with me? NO! The adjustment was bizarre! No more walking around naked, or taking naps in my underwear on the couch. Didnt want friends to be over late for fear of being too loud. Answering the same questions over and over again. Oh well. They dont live with me anymore and its better that way. I love them much more when they are in their own home.
3. Most of my closest friends got married. Again. SO HAPPY for them. But it destroyed my social loop and the gang kinda fell apart. We are all still close... but instead of having multiple parties and hang outs... I spent many weekends on the couch fully clothed with the grandparents living down the hall.  ;)
4. I gained about 15 lbs. This was due to excessive baking to make up for the fact that I was lonely and had nothing to do. I decided to perfect my baking skills. Well... I baked myself a new set of love handles. Whoopie!
5. My professors at the U have been a nightmare. Truly. Worst professors ive ever encountered.. all in the same semester.
6. Couldnt seem to get enough sleep, was sleeping over 8 hrs a night and still needing long naps in the day time. Thought I had a thyroid problem... nope, surprise, Its DEPRESSION! Sorry Doc. I dont believe you.
7. Came back to the home ward where I was at first treated like a pathetic creature who needed to understand that people are "accepting" of me. I was told by a ward member that "they were grateful for me because every time they have a hardship in their lives... they think of me and realize its not so bad and know that they can get through it." haha. I love knowing people compare their lives to mine and think HEY at least im not Michael Sandberg! ;)
8. Got lied to by girls. Got lied to by guys. Had my heart broken a few times. Broke a few hearts.
9. Never consistently felt like myself. Didnt get a Halloween costume this year. Was sad during Christmas traditions.
10. Ripped about 5 pairs of jeans from my weight gain! One happened while bowling with friends... haha it was hilariously embarrassing!

What I LOVED about 2013 - The Highlights

1. I became friends with amazing women. Kimi Riches and Joceyln Rees took me under their wings and invited me to start going to yoga with them! We became great friends and formed a baking club. It was amazing to meet women who loved fitness and food as much as i did!
2. I ran my sixth marathon!
3. I became close with Robyn :) Robyn is one of the most amazing fun-loving women you could ever meet. We started going on long walks together to help her train for the Avon Breast Cancer walk. She needed to get ready to walk a marathon one day, and a half the next. We spent many early mornings walking from the U of U back home. We formed the most amazing friendship filled with laughter, good food, and lots of exercise. She is an angel. Through her I have began doing reformer pilates and LOVE it.
4. I decided to make a leap and stop working so many jobs that have no future for me. I mainly only focus on photography now and its been an adventure. I love it but have learned I need to be better at managing my own time!
5. I got to go to San Francisco for the first time with my best friend of 11 years! Love San Fran!!
6. I became a quorum adviser to the priests in my home ward. I teach every week and LOVE it.
7. Participating in the charity project by Dr. Diaz this year. With the help of others donations we were able to raise over $10,000 to buy 500 turkeys, groceries, toys and clothes for over 400 families this holiday season. It was amazing!
8. Some relationships were strengthened this year and in my attempts to fight loneliness met a lot of really great people.
9. Went on a fun trip to San Diego with my friend Mallory for Ryans wedding. I could vacation with her every day of my life!
10. Joined the U of U's tennis club and took runner up at a four college tournament losing to the undefeated champion by just two games!

So, even when this year was hard... I felt alone, the Lord was watching over me and sent new angels into my life to help me along. I am insanely grateful to the people Ive met this year. May we have even more amazing adventures in the coming year. Love you guys!

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Kelli Brough said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Michael, you're amazing!
So sorry that it was such a sucky year for you, but I hope that things continue to get better! love you, kiddo!