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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dominate Your Life. Be You.

Dominate your life. That may be my current favorite motivational phrase. Love it? Me too.

Ive been doing A LOT of thinking for the past few weeks. Big surprise :) To those of you who dont know me, my brain is on constantly. Always thinking about my life, others lives, life in general. Lately, Ive been trying to work out some of the kinks in my life. Ive been on the hunt to discovering how to enjoy every single day that Ive been given. I encourage us all to do the same. Here are some of my latest discoveries and current thoughts, positions, and ideas on things. Enjoy :)

First of all. I have been working on ridding(?) ... is that a word?... basically getting rid of the negativity in my life. I have been consciously making the effort to avoid evil speaking of others. Granted im not always one who bashes on others to hurt them...unless deserved ;) but over the years I developed a sense of humor that I thought was appropriate which was making fun of peoples lives and situations. Realize, I dont judge them or think im better than them... i just creatively mock the misfortunes and poor qualities of others. Now now... before you all rule me out as some kind of satanic dick... you should know i do the exact same to my own life! Im the first to make fun of myself and my situations. In addition, I have been such  a big freaking WHINER lately!! Boohoo hoo. Blah! Lame!! I throw a lot of parties... but im done hosting the pity parties with only myself for a guest! Your life is only as good as you view it!! THINK ABOUT THAT!!!! If you are constantly focusing on the flaws... bad luck... crappy events... drama, etc youll think your life is a bust!! Your life may have some things that arent going how you want... but instead of focusing on the few bad things... why not see the beauty in your life? See the beauty in yourself! See the beauty in others!! I tell you what... the other day I was hot tubbing with a good friend and we got to talking. Instead of filling the night with my typical bad jokes that only i laugh at.. we spent the night talking about the wonderful qualities in the people we had in our lives. I spent a big portion of the time talking about my friend Ciera. What a girl she is! You will NEVER find a girl with a bigger heart. Ciera is hard working. Strong. Independent. Loyal to a fault. She is a mighty defender. She is sweet. Complex. Funny. Adventurous. She is always there when you need her. She is incredible. Easily one of the most amazing human beings Ive ever met. I love her. Just taking the time to talk about the great qualities in others made my whole night. I felt good. A warmth rested in my heart. That warmth continues to stay with me for as long as I keep this up. I have been insanely happy as of late. I have been taking the time to recognize my many blessings. Talents. Strengths. Weaknesses and trials that allow us to relate to others and be more sympathetic human beings. If you take the time to see the good... youll forget the bad and be amazed at the shift in your mood. Try it :) My friends have been mentioning that I seem a lot more positive lately. I feel like a big part has to do with this simple change.

Exercise!! Trust me. Endorphins are heavenly!! If you need a pick me up... go for a run, a long walk, head to the gym, mmm!

Serve others. Seek out those who are suffering, do all you can to help them out. Dont ask how you can help them... JUST HELP THEM!! There are many ways to serve others. Surprise someone who is sad with their favorite treat and a heartfelt note. Go out to lunch, dinner, breakfast, etc. Go visit them at work. Seek out those who may need a friend and invite them to your next get together. Dont have those? Start them!! I love get togethers! They keep people close and in touch with whats going on in everyones lives. It makes a big difference having a good group of people you always see and talk to. In a religious sense.... GO TO THE TEMPLE!! Not messing around here... I tell you what. I went to the temple four times last month. Thats more than ive gone in a month than ever before. Going to the temple immediately lifts your spirits. Go to serve someone. Keep them in your mind. Put their name down on the prayer roll!! That is my favorite part about the temple!! To those of you who do endowment sessions you know what Im talking about. That is the main reason I go to the temple. I love seeking out outside sources to help bless the lives of those I love. In the temple is where true pure love can be felt for others. Brings me to tears every time I go. What an incredible place! Dont go to the temple, then there are still plenty of ways. Pray for those you love. Keep a prayer in your heart for them daily. Try and be a good source of love and comfort for them. Stay positive. Be their strength when they need help. Youll discover a new sense of love for others. It is an insane feeling. Nothing quite like it!!

Dont be afraid to be your own friend!! Sometimes I have found myself in situations where I dont have someone to fill up my time. Why wait around and waste time hoping a friend will appear? Be a friend to yourself. Go do something for you!! Go hiking! Try out a new recipe! Get a spa treatment done. Do something that makes you happy!! I am not embarrassed to admit that there are times when ive taken myself out to dinner! haha!! Ill go shopping alone. Buy yourself a new outfit. Learn a new hobby!! I told myself this summer that I would learn how to use the grill. So far ive taught myself how to cook steak, chicken, surf n turf, and various vegetable foil dishes. They are DELICIOUS! im loving learning something new!! Try to redo your bedroom. Go visit relatives. Tell those you love that you love them. Be a friend to others when they arent being a friend to you. You only live once. Dont waste time waiting or hoping... go get what you want!!!

The moral of this blog is to be you. Dominate your life. We all only live once. Not finding your soul mate? Keep looking!! Put yourself out there!! Waiting for a friend to call you up or invite you? STOP!! Call them up and invite them to do something! Swallow the pride and stubborn ways. You only get out of life what you try to receive. Want to become better? Then go for it!! Stop waiting for things to just happen. Work hard for the things you want!! No shame in trying to be happy. No shame in putting yourself out there and failing time after time. No shame in having fun, even if it's just by yourself. Stop the pain. Stop the sadness. It isnt necessary. Go be happy. Love others. Uplift and comfort those around you. Be a positive light for those who know you. Be an inspiration. Be you.

We are all made special. We all have a specific purpose. We each possess incredible strengths and talents... perfect them!! We all battle weaknesses and struggles, embrace and overcome them!! Learn from them. Do not be defeated!!! Satan is constantly trying to being you down. He wants us all to feel helpless. He wants us to bring down others to where we are. He wants us to waste the beautiful opportunity we have been given to experience life here on Earth!! Do not allow this to continue. It is time to take control of our lives!! Got a problem... seek out those who can help you. Got a goal? Make the time to accomplish it.

Trust in God. Be faithful. Be strong. This is your time to become the person you are meant to be!! So do it. Be you. Dominate your life.

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kelli said...

mm, i love this post.

so true! i love all your recommendations for happiness, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the positive talk! especially about others--isn't it amazing how good you feel afterwards? happy to know them, and feeling blessed. :) love that.

and yes- ridding is most certainly a word :) like: "i have been ridding my life of negativity.."