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Monday, December 30, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2013 and Hello to 2014 :)

What a year.
I dont even know how to begin this post...

Lets just say that if you could humanize a year... I would have hunted it down, cornered it, stabbed it with a butchers knife over 100 times and dragged it out to the salt flats to bury it where no one would ever find it again. I'm not bitter at all ;)

Luckily this year is coming to an end and the new year brings new opportunities. How exciting is that? Its funny how a dedicated time of the year can make us all feel like we are starting fresh but in reality... any day could be new years... any day could be the day you begin a change and demand a fresh start. We all have the capacity to change our lives, situations, and or mindsets at any point in time... yet we have a special day for this! Haha! Oh well... I shamelessly am a big fan of new years and the idea of saying goodbye to one year and welcoming another. So here is to saying goodbye to 2013 and saying hello to 2014.

What SUCKED about 2013- The Highlights

1. My brother went away to Tijuana for his mission. Granted, thats a wonderful thing... but it left me all alone in my house.
2. Grandparents moved in for a time due to health problem. Do I love my grandparents? YES! Do i love them living with me? NO! The adjustment was bizarre! No more walking around naked, or taking naps in my underwear on the couch. Didnt want friends to be over late for fear of being too loud. Answering the same questions over and over again. Oh well. They dont live with me anymore and its better that way. I love them much more when they are in their own home.
3. Most of my closest friends got married. Again. SO HAPPY for them. But it destroyed my social loop and the gang kinda fell apart. We are all still close... but instead of having multiple parties and hang outs... I spent many weekends on the couch fully clothed with the grandparents living down the hall.  ;)
4. I gained about 15 lbs. This was due to excessive baking to make up for the fact that I was lonely and had nothing to do. I decided to perfect my baking skills. Well... I baked myself a new set of love handles. Whoopie!
5. My professors at the U have been a nightmare. Truly. Worst professors ive ever encountered.. all in the same semester.
6. Couldnt seem to get enough sleep, was sleeping over 8 hrs a night and still needing long naps in the day time. Thought I had a thyroid problem... nope, surprise, Its DEPRESSION! Sorry Doc. I dont believe you.
7. Came back to the home ward where I was at first treated like a pathetic creature who needed to understand that people are "accepting" of me. I was told by a ward member that "they were grateful for me because every time they have a hardship in their lives... they think of me and realize its not so bad and know that they can get through it." haha. I love knowing people compare their lives to mine and think HEY at least im not Michael Sandberg! ;)
8. Got lied to by girls. Got lied to by guys. Had my heart broken a few times. Broke a few hearts.
9. Never consistently felt like myself. Didnt get a Halloween costume this year. Was sad during Christmas traditions.
10. Ripped about 5 pairs of jeans from my weight gain! One happened while bowling with friends... haha it was hilariously embarrassing!

What I LOVED about 2013 - The Highlights

1. I became friends with amazing women. Kimi Riches and Joceyln Rees took me under their wings and invited me to start going to yoga with them! We became great friends and formed a baking club. It was amazing to meet women who loved fitness and food as much as i did!
2. I ran my sixth marathon!
3. I became close with Robyn :) Robyn is one of the most amazing fun-loving women you could ever meet. We started going on long walks together to help her train for the Avon Breast Cancer walk. She needed to get ready to walk a marathon one day, and a half the next. We spent many early mornings walking from the U of U back home. We formed the most amazing friendship filled with laughter, good food, and lots of exercise. She is an angel. Through her I have began doing reformer pilates and LOVE it.
4. I decided to make a leap and stop working so many jobs that have no future for me. I mainly only focus on photography now and its been an adventure. I love it but have learned I need to be better at managing my own time!
5. I got to go to San Francisco for the first time with my best friend of 11 years! Love San Fran!!
6. I became a quorum adviser to the priests in my home ward. I teach every week and LOVE it.
7. Participating in the charity project by Dr. Diaz this year. With the help of others donations we were able to raise over $10,000 to buy 500 turkeys, groceries, toys and clothes for over 400 families this holiday season. It was amazing!
8. Some relationships were strengthened this year and in my attempts to fight loneliness met a lot of really great people.
9. Went on a fun trip to San Diego with my friend Mallory for Ryans wedding. I could vacation with her every day of my life!
10. Joined the U of U's tennis club and took runner up at a four college tournament losing to the undefeated champion by just two games!

So, even when this year was hard... I felt alone, the Lord was watching over me and sent new angels into my life to help me along. I am insanely grateful to the people Ive met this year. May we have even more amazing adventures in the coming year. Love you guys!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taking My Own Path

There is not only one way to get to the top of a mountain. In fact... there are several different ways. You can hike it, bike it, or just fly a freaking helicopter up there if you're lucky. What is interesting to me is realizing how many ways there are to reach the same destination. Some people believe that there is only one way to go about getting to the top and that is that! However, this couldn't be more true. Those who believe that hiking is the best method still have the option of different trails. On those different trails there are still decisions of making a straight shot for it, or dragging it out over a weekend to camp and fish.
When it comes to hiking... this all seems like common sense / basic knowledge right? So why is it that when it comes to life... everyone seems to think we have to all go the same way? Why do so many people judge others who have their own approaches to getting to the top? The only thing that truly matters is making it to the top. Rather than judging from your own path... you should be encouraging them to get to the top in their own way! We all should pray for each other to make it! Not criticize individual journeys.
I am pretty burned out of listening to others try and stop me from living the life I feel is best for me. Im tired of people being uncomfortable with the fact that I wont walk the same path they do. The direction is the same... the pace and scenery is just a bit different. Get over it. God is the only one who has the right to judge us. He is the ONLY one who knows what he has given us... what we need.. when we will need it... the obstacles we will face... the difficulty of the situations we are placed in and the consequences that need to follow our actions.
The Heavenly Father I believe in is insanely merciful. He loves us. He wants us to be happy. He understands the potential we have, the weaknesses we possess, and he uses those things to help teach us who we are. Sometimes we waiver and we may do things that are against the rule book... or even against what you think might be found between the lines... but that doesnt make someone a bad person. It makes them human. The experiences they go through are learning experiences for them. They are trials and tests. We all pass and fail tests. Would we want everyone to rub it in our face when we dont pass a test? No. Here is a thought for you....
If you were in school and you failed a test in the middle of the semester... lets say your midterm... how well would you perform if everyone around you, from that point on, threw it in your face and made it a big deal that you failed ONE test? Do you think by the end of the semester you would have a good grade? I dont. I think it would lead to a gradual decline in effort and ultimately in an unwanted grade. Now... what if when you failed that test people acknowledged that you failed... but then kept on reminding you that it was only one test and you can keep working hard to get the grade you originally wanted and deserve!? What if people offered to help you study!? If they lended a hand in support when you needed it most?! Think you would do better in the end? I sure do. Think it over people.
Back to the topic of trails and mountains... We all are placed here on Earth. Weak mortals at the bottom of the mountain. Our loving Heavenly Father and brother Jesus Christ are waiting patiently at the top. They cannot wait for your warm embrace. They love you. They want you to make it to the top. They realize you arent physically created to be able to master the mountain with ease. They are there at the top to help guide you when you feel lost. They have sent all of us the Holy Ghost who works as a compass if we will continually remember to keep it handy to avoid getting lost. They understand that we sometimes will get prideful, stubborn, and stupid in thinking we can do it on our own. However, when we get lost, scared, afraid or hurt... they are more than willing to send you whatever help you need if only you will ask for it in faith. They will not let you die on the mountain. They know it wont be easy. They know its going to be hard. Christ himself had to haul himself up the mountain before there were even trails. he paved the way. He made the trails. He has also put up arrow signs and given us maps to use! We have the temple... we have churches... there are even the Prophet and apostles to help remind us of our goals to reach the top. They will warn us of certain paths that are sketchy and dangerous. They also have certain paths that they would recommend you always stay on. How lucky are we to have these resources?! How loved are we? I would say that we are pretty spoiled and very fortunate.
We all want to make it to the top. We are all created with different physical and mental capacities. Some of us are built for charging straight up the mountain.. climbing steep rocks if necessary. They just have to be mindful of the dangers of the heights and steep climb. Others might do better taking a less steep approach but the path can get really windy and last a lot longer. We all have the agency to choose how we want to get to the top. Lets encourage one another to just keep moving forward. Stop worrying about how we all choose to get there. Just as long as its in our desires to be there someday. I hope one day we all will be sitting at the top feeling accomplished and full of love. Overlooking the obstacles we faced and sharing our stories of how we reached the top. Keep moving forward everyone. Know youre loved. Dont forget that there are resources and especially dont forget that Heavenly Father is always willing to help you find your way if you only ask him :) Best of luck my friends. See you at the top.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Looking for an adventure. Looking for a chance.

A lot of changes have occurred in my life this year. 2013 has been a year of instability. I feel like the rug has been ripped out from underneath my feet the second Ive regained my standings. My foundation has been tested over and over.

For starters, my brother left to serve a two year mission in Tijuana, Mexico. I never thought a brother's heart could ache to such a deep degree. There are times when I find myself laying on his floor talking out loud as if he is still there listening. I prayed that Heavenly Father would ease my loneliness. God works in funny ways and definitely has a sense of humor. My grandfather's health took a turn for the worse and he and my grandma have been staying in our house off and on. They lived with us for about a month. That was not the type of cure I was hoping for when it came to being lonely. Haha!! Dont get me wrong... I love my grandparents. However, once you have grandparents move into your home and throw off your routine... you wont understand what im saying.

Another tug of the rug was the loss of many close friendships. The friendships havent ended exactly.. but I have had multiple friends get married, get in relationships, move away to college, or flat out leave my life.  Losing a friend in my life left me confused. However, it granted me to opportunity to learn. I had to come to learn a new truth. We will never reach our destinations if we are always looking backward. I cant afford to keep wasting time looking backward. I look forward now.

Continuing on with the changes of the year is I have gone even more public about my same-sex attraction with the release of my video on If you havent seen it yet, you should! Since the release of my video I have been buried in emails, texts, phone calls, and facebook messages. It has been overwhelming. I have loved the fact that my story has been so well received and that through my words, others lives have been impacted. People have been inspired, influenced, and comforted. What a blessing it has been being a part of such a beautiful project.

A wonderful blessing that came into my life was the addition of two incredible women. Kimi and Jocelyn. They are my neighbor ladies who have helped me find an intense passion for power yoga. Participating in power yoga has been incredible. You sweat like a beast, and feel insanely refreshed afterwards. Power yoga is the best of both worlds. I have been lucky to have such sweet friends come into my life and add routine and stability to my weeks. Thank you girls!

The summer is fast approaching. The grueling semester I just survived has left me exhausted, but hungry for something new in life. I met with my home ward bishop a few weeks ago. We talked a lot about destinations and goals. My number one goal and focus in life right now is to find my eternal companion. I wonder if all of these changes have been preparing me to realize what it is im really wanting out of life. I want a family. I have been so distracted by friendships and family time and life overall that I had forgotten why it is that I am really here. Life is not a life without love. Love comes in many forms, i know. However, the love I am wanting in my life is the love of a wife and kids. This has not been an easy journey for me in earlier years. Ive been rejected, friended, and not been interested. I guess this happens to everyone. Truth is... dating has been a struggle. I know dating has been hard on many people but I feel as if my situation is different from most.

Truth is..
Im not like most guys. (many of you know that)

Im not what the girls think of when they think of a husband. I feel this is because I am an acquired taste. I am not the macho big sport fan who doesnt care about his eyebrows. Im an eyebrow plucking nazi. I am passionate about fitness and competition, just not into the big name sports. I enjoy going to the stadiums. Live sporting events watching the true action is a blast. Dont expect me to be spending my sunday afternoons in sweat pants and watching football. Thats not me. I love to hike, to run, to play tennis... and I love to go on walks.

Guess what?! I wont force you to watch the crappy war films, corny heroics, or the painfully dry documentaries. I am a big fan of the romantic comedies. I love dramas, comedies, and thrillers.  On the other hand... ill watch whatever you want as long as I have a good bowl of popcorn! ;)

I also love to cook and to bake. I have loved being in the kitchen since i was eight years old. I was raised by a modern day Martha Stewart. My mom has been incredible to learn from. I also learned how to grill from my dad! Knowing these skills makes me so excited to have a family. That is one thing I look forward to the most when being a husband and a father. I want to make my woman breakfast in bed. I want saturday mornings to be filled with pancakes, bacon, and laughter. I want to be the one who slaves in the kitchen after my wife has been worn out from the day helping the kids get ready for school, possibly working, and helping around the house. I cant wait to host the BEST birthday parties for my kids. They will have finger food appetizers, fun drinks, and desserts like most cant even purchase in the stores. I want to have get together dinners with close neighbors and family. I want to be the one hosting the holiday traditions. I have to surround my family with good food and love.

I want to be in love. I dont just want a wife. I want a best friend. I want a partner. I want someone I fall asleep laughing with. I want someone I can wake up next to in the morning and smile. I want someone I can surprise and spoil. The hidden note in a pant pocket... the expo marker message on her mirror... the dress she wants but doesnt buy for herself. I want someone who's hand is still in mine after several years of marriage together, even after all the fights, hardships, and mistakes.

I want kids like theres no tomorrow. I cant wait to be sitting in the front row of all their passions. I want to play catch on sunday afternoons. I want to spend saturdays driving them to practices and rehearsals. I want them to be the best versions of themselves. When they start to grow older I want to teach them important values. I want to take them shopping for all their biggest events. I will be their number one fan and their biggest support.

I want be loved. So often I find that girls tends to not understand me. They think that because im also attracted to men I can only be their friend. That is not the case. I have been in love with girls before. I believe in the strong connection and passion that can exist between a man and a woman. They complete each other in perfect harmony. I want my life to be filled with adventure and I want to share it with someone special.

The most beautiful scenes in the world arent as beautiful without the person you love sharing and witnessing the same beauty. The most thrilling events dont have the same impact without the mutual bonding of adrenaline, fear, and excitement. Joy... is something I cannot wait to feel every day when I see my family. I cant wait for the day when I see my beautiful wife holding our first child. The love and unity that will be felt will be indescribable. Family is most important thing in life.

I may not be easily compared to the classic Prince Charming... but maybe thats because no one has taken the time to write about the kind of Prince Charming that some girls need. Not one shoe fits all. So why does one theory of the perfect man seem to be placed in the minds of others?

I dont claim to be perfect. I know I come with imperfections and weaknesses. I can also tell you I come with many strengths. I can be a gift in your life. I am thoughtful, generous, and kind. I am good at observing what others truly need and taking the initiative to do or get it for them. I am always willing to listen and hear your thoughts. I love open communication. I am sensitive to others needs. I work my butt off to keep those i love happy. I want to make someone happy every day. I want to be there for someone who needs me. I want to love the person who needs my kind of love. I am rare. I am unique. I am ready and willing to take risks and meet those who might surprise me.

In this life we have to go through a million no's and one yes. If you'd be curious in seeing if you could be my one yes, you should let me know. I am always up for a fun night out, a conversation full of food and laughter, a long walk, or a crazy night doing spontaneous activities! I have lost a lot of my dedication to dating due to asking out the wrong kinds of people. The girls ive been asking out havent taken me seriously. Im looking for someone who actually would like to get to know me better. Someone who would be willing to see me as a whole and not an single characteristic.

I am looking or an adventure. I am looking for a chance.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Who AM i?

Who the heck is Michael Scott Sandberg??? Well... If you dont know. I will inform you! This is a post designed to be insightful, fun, and ... need there be another reason? Here we go!!!

1. I absolutely love to bake! Im a fatty at heart. Love baking cupcakes and cookies the most!
2.) I am absolutely terrified of snakes. yes, even the harmless ones. I become a paralyzed mime whenever I see one. Pathetic i know!
3.) I hate sea food, japanese, and chinese food. YUCK! Dont even waste your time asking me to try it. Especially sea weed wrapped sushi. Shizzzzz in my mouth.
4.) I have a phobia of old people. Literally. Nightmares since elementary school of old women living in my basement with gritty low voices and long finger nails. Eeek!
5.) I have an addiction to popcorn. I eat a bag of Smart Pop almost every day!
6.) I hate using public restrooms and bathrooms in peoples homes. I only feel comfortable using my own. The outdoors, log style? FORGET IT! I will be twitching and squirming before I go in something that doesnt flush.
7.) I come from a family of all boys! Im the only one left with hair. Hoooorah!
8.) I absolutely love to run! I have ran in 5 marathons and 4 half marathons! Fastest time seen below was HobbleCreek half. 1:25!
 9.) I love hiking.
10.) My favorite place on earth is the Indian Wells for the BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament.
11.) Im obsessed with Maria Sharapova.
12.) I love to sing! I am not the greatest but I sing like I am :)
13.) I get comfortable with repetition. Listen to songs on repeat for hours. Drive routinely.
14.) I always wished I was a twin.
15.) I love to be a goof that brings a smile to others faces!
16.) I love photography. One of my biggest passions.
17.) Julie Roberts is my all time favorite actress. Her runner ups are Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn.
18.) Im dealthy allergic to all fresh fruits and vegetables. All mammals and birds (fur and feathers), plants, pollen, dust mites, raw egg yolks, and dealthy allergic to all nuts!
19.) I hate Disneyland. Id rather be at the beach or out shopping the local booths!
20.) Id kill to be a size 30 in pants. Dang these big thighs!
21.) I absolutely love the knowledge I have from the gospel.
22.) I love taking baths. I cry in the tub weekly. Yes, there are candles.
23.) I feel my best when my skin is tan and my hair is highlighted! :D ooooh yeah!
24.) Wearing ties has been my latest thing this year.
25.) I hate the rain and the snow. HATE it. Literally hate it.
26.) Grey skies make me cry.
27.) I am addicted to diet coke. Mmmm... Heaven will have it for free served everywhere!
28.) Im not scared to die. When its my time, its my time.
29.) Im a big believer in the existence of evil spirits.
30.) I am an uncle to two beautiful nieces.
31.) I LOVE TENNIS!!!!!!!!
32.) I love bbq pulled pork sandwiches.
33.) Zupas is probably my favorite restaurant, ever.
34.) I am a momma's boy. No shame. Im the closest thing to a daughter she has haha!
35.) Im insanely competitive. Dont believe me? Play me at something.
36.) Im a social nut! I love meeting new people and getting to know each other over good food!
37.) Going out to breakfast is my favorite thing! Best meal to go out for!
38.) I have never had a sex dream. Everyone in my dreams is never attracted to me.
39.) I have had body dysmorphia since sophomore year.
40.) Once I attach to someone, I really attach. I probably have attachment issues. I cry when people leave to go to college or missions.
41.) I absolutely love chick flicks! Big time!
42.) My favorite movie is Matilda.
43.) I love upbeat cheerful music, or anything sung with amazing power vocals.
44.) I can come across intimidating and overwhelming upon first impression.
45.) I hate bbq chips.
46.) Im lightheaded around blood.
47.) I love helping others see the beauty they possess.
48.) I experience same-sex attraction. It is an adventure.
49.) Obsessed with reality TV.
50.) Love Adele. Her music hits me more than almost any other artist.
51.) I am a black and white thinker. Dramatic. I tend to be an extremist at times.
52.) Growing up I always did well in math and have always hated history.
53.) I have terrible reading comprehension.
54.) I love doing power yoga! Its my new thing!
55.) I am extremely open yet always seem to be misunderstood.
56.) Love cuddling up next to someone and just feeling relaxed.
57.) I love trying new restaurants. Yet, once I find a food I like... I almost always order that over trying something else.
58.) I prefer Tootsie Pops to Blow Pops.
59.) I would love to do the Teach for America program.
60.) I hope to be a father of two girls and one son.
61.) I am currently avoiding the idea of doing homework. Just watched half of "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". I hate this documentary.
62.) I have an obsession with trying to keep my eyebrows in check. I swear they want to grow all over the place. I am a big fan of eyebrows.
63.) Cant wait for summer!
64.) I have been learning I can be introverted... I always thought id be extraverted my whole life.
65.) Love making friends with all types of people.
66.) I like ordering McDoubles plain style. Just bun, meat, and cheese.
67.) I think bodily functions are crazy disgusting. Ive never farted in front of friends.
68.) Hate braids and sweat pants with scrunchy bands at the bottom.
69.) Parking lots give me horrid mood swings.
70.) I am not afraid of confrontation.
71.) I try to live by my motto of being the person you wish you had in your life.
72.) I love architecture and city touring. I could walk around downtowns every day.
73.) I hate cats. Satans pets.
74.) I laugh when stressed, scared, or embarrassed.
75.) My parents are the most incredible people I know. They surprise me with notes, acts of kindness, and love every week.
76.) I dont like to sneeze out loud. I hold mine in.
77.) Love almost every show on ABC.
78.) Chocolate licorice is one of my all time favorite candies!
79.) My favorite day of the year is Black Friday.
80.) I love lollipops.
81.) I rarely will break out with zits on my face but when stressed get them on my shoulders, back and neck. Gross!
82.) I love crest whitestrips!! Use them mulitple times a year.
83.) I want to go skydiving this summer. Im doing it. I may die.
84.) I have an addiction to gum. Eat almost a pack a day. Love Stride.
85.) I get hit on by more men than women.
86.) I have been craving and wanting to make donuts from scratch for the first time.
87.) Love the TV show Revenge. Probably favorite show of all time next to Desperate Housewives.
88.) Love cooking tv shows.
89.) I hate gardening. Weeding especially.
90.) Havent mowed a yard in almost 5 years.
91.) I hate the majority of Utah wedding receptions.
92.) I refuse to wear black at my wedding.
93.) I look terrible in the color orange.
94.) I have been mistaken for being mexican, chinese, japanese, polynesian, and brazilian.
95.) I love shopping at the grocery store!!! Love it!
96.) I hate Mountain Dew.
97.) I am a morning person!
98.) I hate broadway but love musicals.
99.) Great Danes are the most beautiful animals alive. If i wasnt allergic id own two.
100.) I love who I am and am always wanting to improve!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Your Eyes.

In your eyes I once saw...

The person you knew I could be.
The person I wanted to be.
The person who felt love for the first time. 

Your eyes have turned away.
I miss seeing that reflection.

I cant wait for the day I look into someone's eyes and see that man again.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Buffet of Thoughts

This might be a strange read for you. I just need to write out some of my current thoughts that are spiraling around my brain. Here is goes...

Fake or sincere? Do people in elders quorum actually realize that i exist? The kindness shown to me today, was it real or was it because they have now targeted me as someone potentially going inactive? Read this, quote, say a prayer, hey nice tie, how are you really doing in your life... Since when did you guys notice i come here? No one ever talks to me. No one says hello. No one asks me to participate. For years ive been invisible. Why the kindness today?
Do i have the right to be irritated by it? Should i feel good or upset? I am not going inactive. I was busy the past few weeks! How can I feel good that I was noticed but mad because i was politely confronted today..?

Grandparents. I love you. But im ready for you to leave. I miss being me in my own home. Hate feeling like I cant talk in my own house. Cant walk around in my garms. Parents seem tired. Busy catering to their needs. Feel guilty that i dont have the time to really visit with them while theyre here. Do i really want to though? Why is it weird for me to feel like I want to hide from them? I dont like seeing people in bad conditions... am i afraid to accept that we all wont be here forever. I dont know how to talk to them... been awkward here at home.

Lots of friends are getting married.

I need to go to the temple asap. Need to go more routinely. How to I rekindle that burning passion for gospel I sometimes have? I miss being stronger. How to I gain the power to become stronger? Please dont let it be through more trials. im currently exhausted and will most likely fail.

Feeling fat. My pants are splitting. Dont have money to buy new pairs. Maybe the DI. wont that be exciting? Cant believe how poor ive become. My finances are a mess. Feeling stressed to pay off debts.

How do you tell people you love to stop asking for cheap photoshoots? I need to learn to just be more professional about. I need to accept when i can and cant do things. Im not superman, even though I try to be. I want to silence the most obnoxious meddling mother ive ever met (no its not my mom, a friends). She drives me crazy! I would love to run a marathon, take off the socks from my feet that have soaked up my sweat and blisters, and gag her with them. How very Christlike... you see why I need to be in the temple ASAP?! :)

Oh well... I write these blogs to feel better. If anything you guys can read about how pathetic my life is and I get the stress relief i need to not do the things to other peoples mothers that i would love to do! haha!! Hope youre all having a wonderful Sabbath Day. Love ya babies!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2 0 1 2

Two Thousand Twelve
The Year I'll Never Forget

  • Discovered how intensely I could love someone.
  • Rediscovered how much I love the temple.
  • Learned the feeling of jealousy.
  • Went to Hollywood and Rodeo Dr. for the first time on a spring break trip with CJ! 
  • Photographed six temples.
  • Got my work sold in Tai Pan.
  • Quit my job at the Deseret Dairy.
  • Had several first dates... not too many seconds.
  • Got my personal record at the Hobble Creek half marathon! 1:25 and placed second in my age group. 
  •  Photographed dance companies, pageant girls, and many other incredible clients. 
  • Had my story filmed for the Voices of Hope Project run by Ty Mansfield.
  • Went on a phenomenal boys trip to Washington with Cameron, Ryan, and Matt! Bought huge sombreros and wore them around Seattle.
  • Went to Las Vegas with Ryan and CJ. Walked the strip for the first time! 
  • Went to the cabin with all my friends multiple times this summer.
  • Became closer friends with Samijo and Dani. They are incredible girls who I dont know how I ever lived without them.
  • Learned how crazy similar Cameron Peterson and I are. 
  • Went to The Roof for the first time to dinner with my best friend of 10 years, DeeDee Smith!
  • I was introduced to Indian food by Ryan Nelson and Thai food by Samijo! They have grown to become two of my favorite cuisines! The Bombay House rules my world!
  • Danced at Area 51 with Stacey and David.
  • Played for a mixed singles league... wont be playing for that team EVER again.
  • Went a whole year without kissing one girl... depressing. 
  • Was torn to shreds and had to learn to build myself from ground up. 
  • Learned a lot about myself, who I am and who I want to me. 
  • Learned the difference between happiness and joy. 
  • Made new friends!! You know who you are if youre reading this! 
  • Had many people buy the images of the temples I took and have them displayed in their homes!
  • Hit rock bottom.
  • Regained self confidence. 
  • Hunted for love unsuccessfully.
  • Was photographed for Array Salon.
  • Improved tremendously at photography.
  • Learned how to use the grill!
  • Became a much better baker :) mmm. 
  • Chase, Stacey, Jackson, Taylor and Hailey came home!!  :D
  • Aubree, David and Cheri left... Hurry home my darlings. 
  • Developed a better relationship with Heavenly Father.
  • Understand the concept of perfect judgement more accurately. 
  • Grandpa had a stroke and is still alive and well. Crossing my fingers. 
  • Maintained and grew many precious friendships. 
  • Jumped into the snow shirtless up in the mountains with friends.
  • Went to the hot pots in Ogden with Ryan. 
  • Discovered Ritas bakery. Mmm!! 
  • Matt got engaged!
  • Mark got married. Love both of their choices. 
  • Countless nights were spent with close friends laughing til late in the night. 
  • First year I havent ran a marathon in three years... But thats what 2013 is for! 
  • Passed all my college courses. 
  • Wrecked the front of my car by hitting a pole in a parking garage. 
  • Wore sweat pants for the first time in years. 
  • Learned and grew a lot. 
  • Ready to rock out 2013!